Choose Puppy Cut for the Pomeranians to enhance their beauty

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Puppy Cut is a popular grooming style for Pomeranians.  If you are considering giving your Pom a haircut, why not consider the Puppy Cut?

Puppy Cut haircut for Pomeranians

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Appearance of Pomeranians:

Pomeranians are  compact, squarish, proportioned toy dogs that have very fluffy coats.   The skull of a Pom is roundish and his eyes are very dark in colour and almond shaped.  The ears of Pomeranians are small in size and they sit high on top of the dog’s head.  The Poms tails are feathery and fan forward over their back. These dogs, which fall into the breed of toy dogs because they are really very small in size, were actually named for the Pomerania region in Germany and Poland in Central Europe. People like to keep them as pets because they are simply cute and beautiful.

Getting Pomeranians a haircut: 

The coat of these beautiful dogs is really very thick and beautiful, but for health reasons, they need to be cut or trimmed over time. The need to trim their Pom’s coat is the reason why Pomeranian owners like to get the best haircuts for them, both so that they can look beautiful and also to ensure that the dogs feel more comfortable.

Puppy cut: 

The puppy cut is also called the summer cut because it helps to keep your dog from overheating in warm temperatures.  It is one of the most popular and easy to maintain cuts. With a puppy cut, your dog’s hair is trimmed to 1-2 inches all over.  Although the puppy cut still requires regular brushing to avoid knots and tangles, it is a more practical option than some other cuts.  The length of the ear and chest coat can be varied and feathering for different looks can be achieved with the puppy cut.

The teddy bear and puppy cuts are very similar.  This cut implies that the pom should look cute and cuddly, with a hair length similar to when they were a puppy.  Puppy cut also refers to the fact that young puppies are often taken to a groomer to have their faces, feet, and bottom done without touching the rest of the coat. It does not mean any particular coat length and groomers may vary in opinion on this matter.  The coat could be any length but is generally a longish cut.


The haircuts of Pomeranians always require maintenance afterwards, so that they can still continue to look attractive. Most groomers recommend that the owners of Pomeranians should comb the coat of their dogs daily, especially after they get a new haircut. The longer you go between brushing your pom’s fur, the higher the likelihood that the fur will get tangled and matted.