Groom your Pomeranians with different hair styles


Pomeranians are beautiful dogs that many people love to keep at their home as pets. These dogs, which are small in size, were named for the Pomerania region in Germany and Poland in Central Europe. The skull of these dogs is a little round and their eyes are really dark in colour and almond shaped. They are compact, square proportioned toy dogs that have a very fluffy coat that looks simply beautiful on them. To enhance their looks, owners sometimes groom them with popular Pomeranian haircut styles.

Pomeranian Breed Dogs and Puppies

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Popular Pomeranian Grooming Styles: 

The long and fluffy coats of Pomeranians need to be brushed, preferably daily, to enable these dogs to look beautiful.  Some owners prefer to give their Pom a haircut at home.  Many Pomeranian owners also get their dogs professionally groomed, with their fur cut in some popular styles.  Though there are many grooming styles for Pomeranians, the best known ones that can make Pomeranians look more beautiful are:

Lion cut: 

It is one of the most common hair cuts for Pomeranians.  The lion cut retains the full mane of the Pomeranians around their shoulders and face, as well as their chest. However, the fur on the rest of the body of the dog is clipped with electronic clippers and is shaved down almost to the skin, with a bit of fur remaining on the tail, giving them the look of a lion.

The look is beautiful, but the owners need to be very careful, as too much shaving of the coat of Pomeranians in this cut can be very harmful for the poms as well.

Puppy cut: 

Puppy hair cut, similar to the teddy bear cut, is another one of the really amazing cuts for Pomeranians.  In this cut, the entire coat of Pomeranians is cut to about 2 to 3 inches in length. The cut rounds the fur of the face as well as legs of the dogs, giving the dogs a uniform coat and the appearance of a puppy or sometimes a teddy bear.

However, the fur of the dogs is not usually shaved down to the fullest in this kind of cut.  For this reason, this cut is better than the lion cut.  You might also be interested in finding out when to give your pom a haircut, or how to give your pom a haircut from previous articles.

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