Grooming your Pomeranian for show

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Pomeranian training can go a long way towards grooming Pomeranians for show on the off chance that you need or want to. Poms are known for their insight and extraordinary learning aptitude. This makes them a breed perfect for the show ring.

Grroming Pomeranian for the show

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Grooming Pomeranians for show

Dogs being entered into shows should be from good kennels, well socialized, immunized, microchipped, wormed and vet checked.  Before you enter your Pomeranian for a dog show, try the following tips first:  Become a member of your local Pomeranian club to meet other Pom owners and breeders;  Attend dog shows to pick up additional good tips and information;  Check that your Pom is eligible to enter to compete in the show.

You need a good grooming book, electric clippers, clippers specifically made for trimming dog nails, scissors, combs, brushes, and a good conditioning shampoo, preferably colour enhancing formulated for dogs.  The hardest part is clipping the nails so get your vet to show you how it is done beforehand.

Bathe your Pom by placing it in a tub / sink, lather with shampoo, rinse thoroughly and towel him dry.   Blow dry the fur with a good dog dryer, then comb & back-comb, first with a medium comb, then with a fine comb.  Brush and backbrush the fur with a medium-soft slicker.   Brush your Pomeranian’s teeth with a dog tooth brush and tooth paste.  Using warm water, gently clean around the eye area.   Apply flea and tick preventative, if not already included in the shampoo.

Show cuts are standardized by the kennel club. They are usually meant to show the natural coat of the animal, so minimal styling is necessary. Check with your kennel club for specific guidelines.  Lightly trim and shape around the eyes, ears, head, paws, tail, rear and sanitary areas, using electric clippers and scissors, as permitted by the guidelines.

Clean your Pom’s ears by swabbing out the ears with a cotton swab dipped in a non-alcohol based cleaner.  Then clip your Pom’s nails.  Your Pomeranian should be bathed prior to clipping. Keep the nails short and trim the feet very neatly, not showing divisions between the toes, using clippers specifically made for trimming dog nails. Leave around 4 to 5 millimeters length of nail to protect the quick, which is located below the nail. File your dog’s nails.

The coat should not obscure his feet.  If the coat is required to be shortened to show his feet, it should be done months before to enable natural shaping to occur by the time of the show.  The ears should just peek out of the ruff; if the coat hides his ears, it should be pre-trimmed beforehand as well.  If show grooming is too hard, use a professional show groomer.

Learn how to legitimately prep your canine for a show from an expert book, video, or professional dog trainer.

The first step is to work on stacking your puppy on the preparing table. To start with, have him acclimated to his legs being moved and having him remain in this position for a few moments. Aim to expand the time you make him remain on the table. Make sure to give him treats or praise him as he stands balanced.

Once your dog has learned how to remain balanced, proceed to assessing your puppy’s stride as a judge would. Check his teeth, legs, feet, and analyze him carefully. Train your puppy according to your guide remembering to seek the help and knowledge from professional dog trainers as necessary.