How to give Pomeranians a haircut

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Pomeranians are one of the most beautiful breed of dogs, so it is no wonder that so many people keep them at their home as their pets. As part of Pomeranian grooming, you may consider giving your Pomeranian a haircut.  Here in this article are some tips on Pomeranian haircuts.

Pomeranian Haircut

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Pomeranians are basically a breed of dogs of the spitz type and are named after the Pomerania region of Germany and Poland in Central Europe.  Poms amaze a lot of people because of their size and cuteness. However, when it comes to the appearance of these dogs, they are naturally compact, square proportioned small dogs that have very fluffy coats that look simply beautiful on them. The skull of these dogs is a little round and their eyes are almond shaped and really dark in colour. However, the ears of Pomeranian are small in size and they sit high on the head. Their tail is robustly feathered and fans forward over their back.

Giving Pomeranian a haircut: 

Pomeranians have really beautiful coats which are often cut by their owners.  However, there are some Pomeranian owners who do not realize that there are risks associated with cutting their dog’s fur too short.  These owners usually choose to clip the hair of their dogs because this is the easiest way of taking care of the Pom’s hair, as the hair of these dogs mat easily, making grooming of these dogs difficult at times.  If a Pomeranian’s long hair is not groomed, it can become matted and filled with debris. There are also some owners of Pomeranians who love short hair on their dogs, and this is a reason why they like to cut them short.

Trimming your Pom’s fur should be done by a professional groomer, however there are some light touch ups you may wish to undertake every few months to maintain hygiene and looks.

  • Fur around the anus

To reduce faeces from sticking to the fur, and to allow your Pom to stay clean, trim around this area.

  • Long hair around the ears

Trim the hair at the middle of the ear, angling the scissors slightly to soften the look.  Reducing the length of the hair in the ears will help the ears dry faster and reduce the incidence of fleas in the ears.

  • Under the paws

Clip fur growing under and between the paws to reduce the chances of long hair being caught and held in place when the dog walks or runs.

  • Shape Maintenance

To maintain the fluffy look, cut off any stray hairs that look longer than the others, remembering to maintain a rounder overall furry appearance.  Some layering on the ruff and trimming on the legs will keep your Pom looking neat and tidy until the next visit to the professional groomer.

Giving style to Pomeranian haircuts:  

The two most popular styles in Pomeranian haircuts are the lion and the teddy bear look.  With the lion style, most of the fur is shaved down almost to the skin, a bit of fur remains on the tail, and long fur remains on the neck and chest creating a look resembling a lion’s mane. With a traditional teddy bear haircut, the long outercoat is removed leaving the softer, denser undercoat, resulting in a fluffy dog with short hair and a round head which looks a little like a cuddly teddy bear.  In some cases, Pom owners like to clip the hair shorter without any specific hairstyle in mind.  Owners who wish to cut the hair of their dog shorter need to find good groomers to make sure that the haircut is done properly.

Risks with Pomeranian haircuts: 

Your Pom’s hair acts as insulation, and cutting it too short in summer can prevent your dog from staying cool in summer, risking overheating.  Another risk of cutting the fur too short is that the fur may not grow back to the original condition;  there is a risk that when the Pom’s hair re-grows, it will be stiffer and more wiry.  Also, in some instances, the coat of these dogs never grow back completely.

Finding the best groomers: 

The owners of Pomeranians should always try to find the best groomers, so that they can easily get the preferred haircut for their dogs, done safely.  Taking your dog to a professional groomer for a haircut should avoid the problems above.

In selecting a groomer, check to make sure the groomer is right for you:

  • Ask for recommendations from someone you trust, eg. your veterinarian
  • Speak to the groomer and ask for their background and qualifications
  • Look at the premises and if possible, watch a dog being groomed, to make sure you are comfortable with the groomer.

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