Maintaining a Pomeranian’s hygiene

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Pomeranians are a wonderful breed, but they do require some care and grooming to maintain their good looks and hygiene. Here is a list of some tips on how to take care of your Pomeranian’s hygiene.

Hygiene of Pomeranian

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  • How to Bathe a Pomeranian: 

    Your Pomeranian should be bathed on a weekly basis, using a shampoo suitable for dogs, as Poms are susceptible to dry fur and skin. This can be a particular problem in summer and can result in severe itching, so care needs to be taken to ensure the fur does not become brittle and the skin does not dry out.  Rather than using old, generic shampoos, make sure to use a gentle shampoo that will keep the delicate skin supple and soft.  Application of a good leave-in conditioner in the fur can help reduce this problem.   After bathing, make sure he is properly rinsed and towel dried.  Further grooming or clipping should be done after your Pomeranian is dry.

  • Caring for Pomeranian’s Nails, Teeth, and Eyes:

    Grooming a Pomeranian does not only involve routine coat brushing and regular baths. It also involves caring for his nails, teeth, and eyes. Here are a few Pomeranian grooming tips:

Nails: Be sure to clip your pet’s nails with dog nail clippers once every six to eight weeks. Nail clipping keeps your dog’s paws healthy and clean and prevents him from scratching upon jumping up.  If you are unsure how to clip his nails, ask your veterinarian to show you.

Teeth: You should brush your Pomeranian’s teeth on a routine basis as this breed is very prone to dental cavities. A special dog toothpaste containing enzymes should be used regularly. Make sure that you brush your pet’s teeth with the same care that you brush your own.

Eyes: Most small or toy sized dog breeds tend to have a lot of discharge from their eyes that can eventually cause an eye infection due to bacteria. Thus, it is really important to clean the eye area of your pet. Devoting a few hours to grooming your Pom will keep him healthy and beautiful.