Pomeranian grooming

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The Pomeranian, often known as a Pom, is a very small breed of dog with a fluffy, thick coat and a long, narrow face that resembles a fox. Poms are a very intelligent dog breed, but need appropriate training and care. Here are several tips for grooming your Pomeranian. These tips also ensure that your pet remains in good health.

Grooming of Pomeranian Dog

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/virtualwolf/9046269103

  • Caring for the Pomeranian Coat: Your Pomeranian’s plush coat is double coated, with the undercoat consisting of soft thick fur, and a topcoat of straight textured fur.

If your Pom is not regularly groomed, his coat can become matted and brittle.  If properly groomed, the Pom’s coat will fall perfectly giving him the puff ball look, a trademark of the breed.

  • How to Brush a Pomeranian: You must make sure your pet’s topcoat and undercoat is brushed daily, using a natural bristle brush or a steel comb. This will keep the coat clean, and will also help to prevent the matting in the heavy coat. Brush the dog’s chest, leg, head, back, and neck hair upward. Brush the hair on his stomach in a downward direction. You must brush the hair on his sides in the outward direction.  Then, use a good dog dryer to maintain the fluffiness of the coat.

Giving your Pomeranian’s coat a brush daily will reduce the need for complete baths and help you keep your Pom’s fur free of knots and tangles.

  • How to Bathe and Groom a Pomeranian: Bathe your Pomeranian weekly using a good conditioning shampoo, preferably one that is colour enhancing and formulated for dogs. Place your dog in a tub / sink, lather with shampoo, rinse thoroughly and towel him dry.   Blow dry the fur with a good dog dryer, then comb and back-comb, first with a medium comb, then with a fine comb.  Brush and backbrush the fur with a medium-soft slicker.   Brush your Pomeranian’s teeth with a dog tooth brush and tooth paste.  Using warm water, gently clean around the eye area.   Apply flea and tick preventative, if not already included in the shampoo.  Clipping or further grooming should be done after the Pomeranian is dry.

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