When should you give Pomeranian Dogs a haircut?

People who know about Pomeranians (that they are one of the finest breeds of the toy dogs) also know that the coats of these dogs are really very beautiful.  As part of grooming pomeranians, the owners of these dogs sometimes cut their hair in different seasons. However, some owners of Pomeranians may not be aware of the risks of cutting their dog’s hair.

Give safe haircut to Poms

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Poms have 2 coats, which keep them comfortable in most weather conditions, so giving a pom a drastic haircut is not necessary.  Cutting too much hair may result in unintended consequences, for example, the hair may not grow back, the hair may grow back wiry, or hair follicles may be damaged.  Instead, it is preferable to just do little trims every few months.  Pom owners therefore always need to be really very careful when it comes to cutting the hair of these dogs.

Reasons to get Pomeranians a haircut:  Pom coats can become easily matted, and their hair can also get filled with debris.  This can make grooming a little more difficult.  It is one of the reasons why Pom owners may cut their dog’s hair, in order to make grooming more convenient.  The clipped hair of their pets also make it much easier to care for them.  Some owners may cut their pom’s hair because they prefer their pom with that shorter hair look.  Other owners may believe that cutting a pom’s hair in summer will help to keep their dog cooler in warm weather.

Avoid haircuts in winters:  Pomeranians are small dogs which keep themselves warm with their thick coat of hair.  Their small size means that they lose heat from their body much quicker than larger animals do.  This is the main reason why the owners of these dogs should never get their pom’s hair cut short in winter.  Pomeranians need insulation in both summer and winter, and their double coat is well suited to provide this.  Therefore, they should not get shaved in the summers as well.  Without their fur, they are not able to keep themselves warm in winter, and cooler in summer, which can result in your dog feeling cold or hot during these seasons.

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