Daily Checklist for Pomeranian’s Health

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Taking Temperature: Rise in temperature is the 1st symptom for any disorder.

(Normal temperature is 100-degree F to 102.5-degree F).

Eyes:  Clear and bright eyes are a sign of good health.

The Vet must be consulted if the eyes are watery / reddish, there is surplus discharge from the eyes that gets harder overnight, or in the case of cloudy lens.

Daily checklist for pomeranian health

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/peanutian/3357649667

Mammary tissues (Female milk-secreting organs):

Check for swelling.

Testicles (Two oval organs that produce sperm in males):

Check for swelling.

Nose:  Slight nasal discharge is common and the dogs lick it away.  A running nose is an issue. The nose can redden and become inflamed.

Ears:  A distinctive unpleasant smell, red skin inside the flap, dense wax, discharge and scrabbling are signs of an ear issue.

Breathing:  A regular check on breathing. If the dog breathes abnormally, it is a sign of breathing disorder.  On noticing any coughing, gagging and grating, the vet must be consulted to help prevent a severe problem from occurring.

Bad breath from mouth: This is the sign of a disease within the body and the Vet must be consulted.


  • Feed properly with nutritious food
  • Provide correct amount of exercise
  • Visit and consult Veterinarian
  • Complete all vaccinations and boosters on schedule
  • Provide parasites prevention medication
  • Be aware of common diseases in Pomeranian