How to avoid costly pomeranian vet bills

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If you’ve visited the vet lately, you may think that medical bills for pets are almost as expensive as for other family members.   If you need some tips on how to avoid costly Pomeranian vet bills, this article is for you.

Avoid Costly Pomeranian Vet Bills

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Tips to avoid costly Pomeranian vet bills

Maintain a healthy weight:    An overweight dog is prone to diseases such as diabetes, arthritis or joint problems.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a normal weight will go a long way towards minimising the risk of these conditions.

Diet and supplements:     Some common reasons for vet visits include vomiting and diarrhoea due to a poor quality diet.  A premium quality diet which includes vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids helps to boost your pet’s immune system and keep them healthy to minimise infections.

Pet Proofing your home:   To minimise the chances of accidents and toxic exposures, pet proof your home by removing dangerous items and potential hazards such as electrical cords, strings, buttons, unsafe toys and cleaning supplies.  Ensuring your dog understands commands such as “Leave it” can help prevent your dog from picking up things he shouldn’t.  Keep your dog in a pet proofed area when you have to leave him by himself, for example, a dog play pen with his favourite safe toys, food, water and his bed.

Routine vet visits:   Early detection and treatment of health conditions help to reduce medical costs.  It also increases the effectiveness of treatments and assists with a quick recovery from illnesses.  Core vaccinations, for example for distemper and parvovirus, help to protect your dog; however boosters may sometimes be needed to continue providing protection.  Taking your Pom to the vet for scheduled vaccinations and regular physical examinations can help reduce medical costs in the long run.

Proper grooming:   Regular grooming to maintain fur condition, short claws, clean ears and good skin is a must.  Grooming allows you to get to know your pet better so that you can check your pet’s condition for any changes, which will become increasingly important as your pet gets older.

Dental Hygiene:      Good dental hygiene can have a big impact on health.  Develop and maintain a dental care routine for your dog.  Part of his dental care plan should include a dental check with your vet at examinations.

Preventative  Medications:   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Applying regular medications to prevent heartworm disease, flea and tick infestations, and other parasites may cost a little money but is cheaper than the treatments required if the diseases need to be treated.

Potential Medical issues:   The most common medical problems that affect small dogs such as Pomeranians are hypoglycemia, patellar luxation and tracheal collapse.  Poms can also suffer from Alopecia X or black skin disease.  Become familiar with the causes and signs of these problems and take your Pom to the vet if symptoms manifest.

To keep your Pom in good health, some ongoing costs are necessary to cover vet examinations / vaccinations, preventative medications and dental hygiene.  Spending money on preventative measures helps you to avoid costly Pomeranian vet bills further down the track.  Working with your vet is a good way to keep pet medical costs under control.  If you consult your vet regarding your pet’s care plan, understand the treatment options for a condition and the costs associated with the options, you can make better decisions for your pom’s health care.

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