Characteristics to note while buying a Pomeranian

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Pomeranian are one of the smaller breeds of dogs. The Pomeranian puppies are little, sensitive and exceptionally adorable.  If you have decided to buy a Pom, the next step is selecting your pup using these Pomeranian Purchase tips.  Selecting the best Pomeranian to match your family is important to ensure that you bring home a dog that is right for you that you and your family will enjoy for a long time.

charateristics to note while buying a pomeranian

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Pomeranian Purchase Tips

Buying a dog from a reputable, registered Pomeranian breeder will improve your chances of getting a good purebred dog.  It also reduces the likelihood of health issues due to genetic disorders.

Some tips to follow when selecting a Pom puppy include:

  • Checking the credentials of the breeder to see if the breeder has a good reputation.
  • Asking to see the puppy, and her parents, at the breeder’s home. Seeing a puppy at home allows you to check the conditions that she is used to, which in turn may affect how easy it is to train the dog later.  Meeting the puppy’s parents will give you some idea as to how the Pom will look as she grows older.
  • Finding out if the puppy has been checked by veterinarians, vaccinated, micro-chipped, or if there are any known health issues with the puppy’s parents. Check certificates and other documents to substantiate that these have been done.
  • Asking when your puppy can come home with you. A good breeder will only allow your puppy to leave when he is at least 8 weeks old.
  • Requesting if the breeder will provide additional support materials such as tips on diet, feeding, training, etc.

Characteristics of a Pomeranian

The main thing to notice is that a Pomeranian puppy looks like a little fox. The reason you will make this affiliation is because the head and nose of a Pomeranian is delineated like a fox. Their skulls are larger than the face region, which is perfectly balanced by small teeth and a fox-like nose.

Poms have sweet, medium measured eyes that look practically oval. Their eyes are encompassed by edges that are either dark or an indistinguishable shade from the coat. For example, if the Pomeranian puppies have a white, cream, orange, or shaded sable coat, their eye edges will be dark.

Pomeranian puppies have small and balanced bodies with short backs, while their necks can merge into the shoulders.  Their trunk is proportional to the body.  Poms have medium length, straight legs with fine bones and small feet.  Poms are one of the most active dog breeds.

The most important feature of a Pom is her ears and tail. The ears of a Pom are little, upright and feathered. Their tail is set high, and feathered like an exquisite tuft.  The Pomeranians come in the common colours of orange, black, cream or white, but can also be found in colours of brown, red, cream, blue, sable, tan, or in combinations of those colours.

So whenever you buy a Pom, be sure to check for these characteristics in a purebred puppy.  Using these Pomeranian Purchase tips will help you buy a great dog that matches your family that you and your family will enjoy for years.