Basic information about the Pomeranian Breed

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The Pomeranian is a small sized breed and is commonly known as Pom, or Pom Pom.  They originate from Pomerania in Northern Europe.  This breed is famous because of its multiple royal owners since the 18th century. Queen Victoria owned a Pomeranian of a very small size which became popular across the world. The breed is intelligent, quite healthy and makes a good family pet for older children.

Pomeranian Breed Dogs and Puppies

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Description: The head of the Pom is wedge-shaped and its little muzzle is straight. Its nose can be dark or differ from the color of the coat and its sharp, pointy teeth meet in a scissors bite. Coat colors of Pomeranian can be black, cream, white, red, tan, blue, brown, orange, white and so on. There is a list of allowed colors for pure breds.  Poms have a thick and a double coat. The outer coat is long, hard, and straight while the inner coat is soft, thick and short in size. Its eyes are almond shaped, dark in color and average in size.  One distinctive feature of the Pomerian is its curly plumed tail.

Height and weight of the dog: Its height is around 7-12 inches and it weighs about 3-7 pounds. These days, Pomeranian that are larger in size are called throwback Pomeranian because in earlier periods, they were larger and raised to be about 12-18 pounds.  Bitches are slightly larger than the male dogs.

Temperament: Pomeranians are alert, and often bark at strangers, making them good watch dogs. It is difficult to house train them and generally crate training is suggested. Poms are very friendly and good with older children but it is recommended to never leave your child with the dog alone because the dog may be injured due to its small size.

Health and life span: As Poms have double coats, outdoor activities in summer can make the dog overheated.  There is a chance of a heat stroke, so special care needs to be taken when it is outdoors in hot weather. Pomeranians are susceptible to various types of health issues such as allergies, heart problems, tooth decay, eye infection, slipped stifle and skin irritation. They can live to around 15 years.

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