Selection of the best Pomeranian for your family

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When selecting the best Pomeranian dog for your family, it is very important to inspect the premises of the Pomeranian dog breeders. When visiting the premises of a reputable, registered Pomeranian breeder, take particular note of the following:

Selection of Best Pomeranian for Your family

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  • Quality dog supplies and equipment

A responsible breeder is one who is serious about their business and will provide their dogs with a caring and loving environment.  You should check the quality and condition of the supplies and equipment.

  • Clean environment

The environment in which the puppies are raised in should be safe and clean.  There must be no putrid smells or odors.

  • Good dog food

Well-reputed Pomeranian breeders will only give their pups the best nutritional dog food. They will either make their own food or purchase an excellent dog food brand.

  • Are the dogs happy?

You should pay close attention to the dogs present in the premises.  Do they appear healthy and happy?  Dogs should be well socialised, so the pups should be used to human contact. You should also check if their eyes are bright and if they are sociable with you and the other dogs present.

  • Is it a good purebred dog?

Ask to see the parents of the dog so you can get an idea how the dog may look when it gets older.  Check the dog’s background to make sure that there are no serious hereditary or genetic issues in the dog’s family.

  • Are the medical treatments up to date?

Find out if the Pom has been checked by veterinarians, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

  • When can the dog come home with you?

If you are buying a small puppy, the breeder may recommend that you wait until the pup is a little older before you take him home.  You may need to plan and co-ordinate with the breeder the best time to take the dog home.

If a breeder is not willing to show you the dog at his premises, or if you still have questions that have not been answered to your satisfaction, this is red flag that you should heed.