Should I get a dog playpen for my Pomeranian

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Want to make your Pom happy? Buy her a small dog playpen. Dog playpens are a simple way to keep your Pom in one area when you are busy. Compared to a confined crate, a playpen allows your Pom the luxury of freedom to lightly exercise and entertain herself with her favourite dog toys. Most pet owners use crates for short term confinements and playpens when they need to leave their poms for longer periods.

Dog Playpen

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Dog Playpen Benefits

A dog playpen offers many advantages:

Space:  It is a good way to confine your puppy or dog while letting them walk, play and otherwise burn up her energy. If you leave your pet in a small crate, she will get cramped and feel miserable if not sleeping.

Safety:  A dog playpen (also called a dog exercise pen) offers the same peace of mind as playpens for children.  It keeps your Pom away from dangerous household effects like electrical cords, small socks, loose coins, cleaning agents and other items they may choke on.

Prevents Chewing:  During teething, a Pom puppy will chew most items.  A playpen allows you the flexibility to do chores around and out of your home without worrying about finding teeth marks on your favourite items in your home.

Partition:  A dog playpen may also be a great way to separate your puppy or dog from guests, children or other pets, when this is desirable.

Home Alone:  If her playpen is filled with all the comforts of home: wonderful toys, blankets, a good bed, water and food, she may be more content on the occasions you have to leave her by herself at home.  If your pet feels anxious when by herself, having a small familiar area will increase her feelings of security and reduce her anxiety.  Because most dogs do not like mess in their belongings, if you line the areas without her belongings with paper and/or pee pads, your pom will most likely use the paper or pee pads for toileting.

Dog Playpen Buying Tips:

1) Build Quality and Materials used:    The build quality usually comes down to price, often the higher the price, the better the build quality.  Cheaper playpens are usually made of poor quality plastic.  Some of them can be easily knocked over or damaged.  A dog playpen made of inappropriate material can easily be damaged by a puppy who loves chewing.

2) Size:   The playpen needs to be an adequate size to prevent feelings of constraint or confinement.  Rather, we are trying to offer a safe and comfortable ‘den’ for your Pom. When considering a playpen, factor in enough space for your Pom to move around, and space for some toys, her food / water bowl and her bed.

3) Portability and Other Needs:  Is portability a major consideration?  Or is a sturdy frame more important?  How, where and when will it be used? Do you need to move it from room to room or to other houses?  Is storage an issue?  Is your dog a climber – if so, you may need a playpen cover.  A checklist of your requirements will help you make a better choice.

4) Doors:   Having a door is an important consideration.  It will give your Pom the freedom to move in and out of the playpen when you do not need to restrict her movements.  She can then use it as her special retreat.

5) Maintenance:  Ease of cleaning and maintenance is obviously helpful.

Tips for using Dog Playpens

Indoors:  If your puppy or dog is very lively, and the playpen is not stable, you can try to keep the playpen in place by putting some heavy objects around its exterior perimeter.  If using a playpen without a floor cover, to prevent accidents from creating a mess indoors, place some absorbent padding inside the dog pen.

Outdoors:  Remember not to leave your Pom in direct sunlight when setting up the playpen outdoors, to prevent your Pom from overheating and getting dehydrated.  It is also wise to make sure that fresh water is available and that the playpen in set up in the shade.  Dry food is preferable as it is less likely to spoil outside.  If your playpen is unstable when your Pom jumps around, you may need to secure it to the ground to prevent it from moving.

Dog Playpen Recommendations:

Playpens for Pomeranians come in 2 categories:

  • the soft, pop-up variety made from mesh and/or cloth
  • the more structured ones made from rigid material like durable plastic or metal.

You will want to do your own research as your final choice will depend on what is best for your home and your pet. To help you make a start, here are a few to consider:

Structured Playpens:

  • IRIS Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen with Door 24-inch
  • Richell Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Dog Pet Playpen

Soft Pop-up Playpens:

  • ESK Collection Blue 45-inch Pet Puppy Dog Playpen
  • Zampa Pet 45-inch Playpen Foldable Portable Exercise Kennel

No matter which one you select, a dog playpen can only add to your Pom’s comfort and contentment.  It is the best possible place to leave your Pom safely when you are not able to attend to her directly for a period of time. A dog playpen can ultimately work to keep your Pom happily entertained in your absence.


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