How to train your Pomeranian to be sociable

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Pomeranians are mischievous when they are not properly guided or trained to behave around friends, family or members of the public.  So if you are planning to be sociable, your Pomeranian needs Pomeranian socialization training.  Otherwise, if you have a party at your house, or go on a vacation, then you may be risking the health of your Pomeranian. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your Pom for social events.

how to train your pomeranian

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Pomeranians and alcohol do not mix. Even a single ounce of alcohol is harmful to a Pomeranian. So, if you are partying at your house, make sure that all alcoholic beverages are kept away from the dog.  It is also likely when you are partying that a lot of snacks, including some chocolates, are in the house.  Small dogs are vulnerable to chocolates, so make sure your dog is tied in a safe spot away from the snacks prior to opening packets of snacks at the party. After the party, make sure that all the food remains are wrapped in a bag and safely disposed of.  These should be inaccessible to the dog.

When you have a social gathering at your house, take special care of your Pomeranian. They are quite small and can be stepped on accidentally.  It is advisable to hold your dog at a gathering of people. It not only saves the dog from any mishaps, it is also a form of Pomeranian socialization training as it helps to socialize the dog and trains it to behave well around people.

The key to a well trained Pomeranian dog is the relationship between the owner and his pomeranian.  If your pomeranian respects you, he will be happy to obey you and will behave well under social conditions.  A well socialized dog will get along politely with strangers and other animals.  Well-meaning owners can often shelter their dog too much and not engage their dog in sufficient socialization activities.  Walking your pom on a lead and in the presence of other dogs, strangers and other animals will also train him to socialize with others.